nCounter SPRINT Profiler Core Facility

Introduction to the nanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler

 nCounter SPRINT Profiler

The nanoString nCounter SPRINT Profiler allows researchers to digitally examine multiple RNA, DNA pathways in a single tube in an extraction-free workflow. It is compatible with difficult sample types, including FFPE tissue.

Platform specifications include:

  • Support for total RNA, cell lysates in GITC, FFPE-derived total RNA, and PAXgene-lysed whole blood.
  • Multiplexing of up to 800 targets.
  • Up to 35 µl  reaction volume.
  • 15 zeptomole spike-in control.
  • Linear dynamic range of up to 6 x 10⁵ total counts.
  • Throughput of 12 lanes per six hours.

Introduction to the GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiler - Nanostring

The GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiler - Nanostring allows for whole tissue sections, FFPE or fresh frozen to be imaged and stained for RNA or protein. ROI mapping directs the results to your analyzer while showing where in your sample the data originated. This will allow researchers to select which tissue compartments or cell types to profile based on biology. Samples run will be undamaged and may be reused.

Expression levels can be counted using the nCounter Analysis System.

The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) provides morphological context in spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics experiments from just one slide.

Instrument and Charge Information

NanoString nCounter Sprint
  • Location: School of Medicine Research Building
  • Cost for non-owners: $200/per run
    Six runs in one year ($1,200), then $25/per run
  • Cost for owners: $25/per run
  • Requirements: Hybridization buffer (HB) is also needed for this instrument
  • How to schedule:  Owners via Faces Scheduling System
    Non-owners email

Assisted support available for some instruments at additional cost.


Scheduling of equipment is done through the Faces Scheduling System.

For all proposed experiments, we will meet with you to consult on the parameters of the experiment.

Facility Usage Agreement Form

This Facilities/Equipment Usage Agreement Form must be downloaded, filled out, and submitted by the PI to Research Operations prior to utilizing the facility.