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Dean's Research Innovation Grants


The School of Medicine's Dean's Research Innovation Grants are designed to promote clinically-relevant research by medical students, residents, fellows, and junior clinical faculty in the School of Medicine. The grants will award up to five grants per year for up to $10,000 per award (final annual approvals are subject to change based on available funding).

Eligible projects include those designed to produce preliminary data to support larger extramurally funded research pursuits, stimulate collaborations between learners and faculty "sponsors," and advance research projects by junior investigators.

The deadline for proposals each year are on September 30 and March 31.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Project proposed by students, residents and fellows require a faculty "sponsor" from either the Division of Biomedical Sciences or Division of Clinical Sciences (ladder rank, in residence, clinical X, or health sciences clinical professor series).
  • Before any work can begin, proposals for projects involving human subjects require approval by the UCR Institutional Review Board (IRB) and any other relevant IRB or other approvals.

Criteria for Selection

  • Well-thought out and clearly explained research hypothesis.
  • Strong experimental design and clear explanation and justification of the types of data collected.
  • Explanation of the statistical methods to be applied to the data.
  • Explanation of the approach and analysis of the results.

The proposals will be reviewed by a committee of research and clinical faculty and staff chaired by Senior Associate Dean David Lo. At the end of the project, each awardee must write a brief one- or two-page report on the results of the work actually accomplished, even if it has not been written up for publication.

There will be two deadlines each academic year – September 30 and March 31. A two-page proposal, including budget, may be submitted by e-mail to

Use of Funds/Budget Considerations

School of Medicine Sponsored Research and Programs (SRP) will assign and oversee the funds for this grant under the qualified sponsoring SOM faculty member. Expenditures will be coordinated through SRP.

Funds provided under this agreement may not be used for any purpose other than the items listed on the approved budget. Grant funds may not be used to reimburse any expenses you incurred prior to the start date. The funding should be spent to support activities directly related to the project and consistent with 19900 State General Funds UC restrictions; therefore, it may not be used on food or alcohol. Funding cannot be used to support your salary, other scientific staff salaries, or research equipment. Allowed expenses include research supplies and reasonable payments to research subjects. For any other categories of expenditures, a clear and detailed justification is required for review. All expenses must be reviewed and approved prior to spending.