MoFlo Astrios EQ Cell Sorter


Cell Sorter

The MoFlo Astrios EQ Cell Sorter offers state-of-the-art capabilities in flow cytometry applications and isolation of specific cell populations. The sorter is equipped with the following lasers:

  • 488 nm blue laser with 5-PMT detectors + Forward Scatter & Side Scatter
  • 405 nm violet laser with 2-PMT detectors
  • 561 nm yellow laser with 3-PMT detectors
  • 640 nm red laser with 3-PMT detectors

With this configuration, users may perform a wide variety of applications with standard blue, red, and violet panels. In addition, the 561 nm yellow laser opens up capability for gene expression applications by providing the ability to use a variety of “fruit proteins” as expression markers. The system has 75 and 100 micron nozzles to manage most cell types, with the ability to add additional nozzles up to 200 microns to meet most experimental demands to handle a wide range of cell types. It also has sample agitation and temperature control, to enhance cell viability and throughput.

The advantage of jet-in-air sorters on post-sort cellular viability will be useful for cell based assays, cell transplantation, and long term cell cultures. In addition, the ability to use high pressure and higher sort rates, up to 70,000 events per second, will improve the capability of efficiency of sorts that demand millions of events.

Key Features

This cell sorter includes the MoFlo Astrios Clonal Plate Deposition System for applications such as cloning or screening into 96-, 384, and 1536-well plates and other formats. The Astrios offers 6-way sorting and ensures sorting efficiency, and will be contained in a Biosafety Cabinet to provide assured biological safety level 2 (BSL2) containment without compromising workflow.

Instrument and Charge Information

MoFlo Astrios EQ

Training is not available for the cell sorter.